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25 Feb

So, this year is shaping up to be a good gaming year, no not the Playstation 4 it has nothing to excite me at the moment, there is so much coming out. But this year more than ever before I know I need to be a bit more grown up with my money. I’ve been trying to limit myself to one retail game a month and so far I’ve stuck to it. With January’s disappointment that was Anarchy Reigns, and this months wonderful Ni No Kuni.

But it’s looking like this is going to get a lot trickier to stick to just one game a month. The almost now mythical (at least to Europe) SMT Devil Surviver (1 and 2) are now confirmed for a March release I’ve had an awkward time getting into to SMT and Persona but for some reason I’ve preordered both games worried that will become hard to find and over priced if I don’t. Sadly this means I’ll be neglecting poor little Luigi next month haha.

I do really need to cool down a little with Pokémon X and Y, Bayonetta 2, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Project X Zone and Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII all preordered. How strange it’s a good year for me to be a gamer and a bad one at the same time haha.